What is a Hero???

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I recently spoke with someone who expressed his thoughts to me on why he didn’t consider our U.S. soldiers to be “Heroes”. His thoughts were that, our military is the led to believe that it is fighting for freedom, when in reality, it is fighting for some ulterior motives of our government leaders. He stated that he refused to call them “Heroes” because they’re “delusional” in their reasoning.

Well, here were my thoughts to this young man….


What is your definition of a Hero??? Hypothetical question… If someone falsely believes that they are risking and sacrificing their life for their country, the people within it and their freedom, what does that make them?? Does it make them any less honorable, courageous or selfless?? Is the Marine who comes home from war, missing limbs or forever confined to a wheelchair, NOT a hero because his government leaders had a hidden agenda within this war??  Let me spin the idea a little… If your family members were kidnapped (or so you thought), and you were told that the only way to save them was to sacrifice your own life…. Are you NOT a hero because you were misled to believe that your family was in danger?? Is your sacrifice any LESS real because the cause wasn’t real??

I believe that a “Hero” is someone who does the right thing for the right reasons. Someone who is willing to put the greater good ahead of their own well-being. Someone who believes that risking their life is worth saving others. And here is what I know: If we truly lost our freedom tomorrow, it would be the same “delusional” soldiers who would stand up and fight for it then. The same soldiers who would willingly lay down their life to return our freedom, your freedom, MY freedom to this country. For those of you who refuse to acknowledge their title as “Heroes”, don’t deserve the sacrifices these soldiers are making for you… and still, they’re making them anyway. If my government is fighting for oil or money, my SOLDIERS are still fighting for MY FREEDOM and MY SAFETY… And that will forever make them MY HEROES.


DPF is honoring the men who recently lost their lives in Tennessee. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and loved ones. They will forever be remembered for what they were: Heroes.