We’re Proud to Say “He’s One of Us”…

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DPF’s own Marine Sergeant Tyler Misak called for flags to be lowered for Chattanooga Victims…

We are SO PROUD to say this young man, Marine Sergeant Tyler Misak is “One of Us” here at Douglas P. Fleming, LLC. We applaud him today for his actions this past Monday that caught the attention of Fox News. Sgt. Misak stood in full uniform outside of the State Capitol on Monday,  holding a sign with the names of the service members murdered in Tennessee, while the temperature reached a high of 92.5 degrees and the humidity at 92%.

His statement taken by Fox News: “My comrades are sweating overseas right now defending this country and I’ll sweat with them.” 

Sgt. Misak said he asks for one thing: “My message is that every troop, their lives matter…they should have the honor to have the flags at half-staff…They deserve the honor, and that’s why I’m out here, to honor them and their families.”

His message did not go unheard…Governor Malloy issued a directive to put the U.S. and state flags at half-staff to honor those killed in Tennessee. This level of honor, respect and dedication is astounding. Whether it be on U.S. or foreign soil, these men lost their lives in service of our country, and that should never go unnoticed. Our soldiers are willing to step up, when everyone else backs down. Their job is to fight for our country and the people within it… Our job is to support them. Men like Sgt. Misak are the definition of, “The few. The Proud. The Marines.”

DPF continues, today and everyday, to honor the men and women who have fought and given their lives for this country. We salute you, Marine Sergeant Tyler Misak, for your loyalty, dedication and service. We couldn’t be more proud to have you with us here at Douglas P. Fleming, LLC.

“Semper Fi”


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