Wildwood Pavilion Roof

Easton, NH
Department of Agriculture
USDA Forest Service
Melissa Conn

Scope: Reshingle Wildwood Pavilion Roof

Project Completed Date: 2012-09-21

Details: The new roof shall be the same shape, size and slope of the existing roof. Douglas P Fleming, LLC’s personnel removed the approximately 530 square feet of cedar shake shingles from the bottom up. When all of the shakes were removed they removed any nails. They began the installation of the new cedar shake roof using Perfection Red Cedar grade 1 shakes. The hip ridges received a ridge cap with 5 1/4″ wide shingles 10″ to the weather matching the previous roofs reveal. At the peak of the roof under the cap, lead was installed to create a water tight seal.

Douglas P Fleming, LLC was allowed 14 days from Notice to Proceed. The project was 100% complete in 2 working days