Thermal Balancing Fans

East Granby, CT
Air National Guard
T. Sgt. Dawn Whelan
(860) 292-2587

Scope: Installation of Thermal Balancing fans to save on energy costs and reduce heat loss.

Project Completed Date: 2010-11-01

Details: Douglas P. Fleming LLC Installed 26 Thermal Balancing fans at the Bradley Air Force National Guard Base. This project required the removal of 14 underpowered ceiling fans, and the installation of new Thermal Balancing fans to save on energy and to reduce heat loss due to the size of the facility.

The installation work included but not limited to:

1. Providing 26 Fan systems that is capable of destratifying air within 1.5 degrees form top high bay space to bottom of space across entire square foot area.

2. Completely install fans with appropriate on/off switching and electrical connections The Thermal Fan System had to be designed and installed within 40 days from the date of Notice to Proceed.

The design and installation was completed in (8) days.