Sewer Ejector Pump Replacement

Newington, CT
Department of Veteran Affairs
John Zizik
860-666-6951 x.6918

Scope: Replace two sewer ejector pumps with 2 Peerless epoxy coated pumps

Project Completed Date: 2012-06-15

Details: The sewage ejector pump replacement consisted of designing and installing a steel hoist system consisting of two pieces of approximately 13′ tube steel and one 7′ I-beam and a trolley and chain fall to lift the existing pumps out of the sump. Removing the exisiting pumps required disconnecting the electrical supply and plumbing lines to the pumps and remove the pumps from the sump and contain the hazardous waste. We then installed two new epoxy coated Peerless pumps into the sump and they were re-wired and the plumbing reconnected. There were no complications and all work was performed by Douglas P Fleming, LLC’s employees