Removal Underground Storage Tanks

Bedford, MA
Department of Veteran’s Affairs
Terry Boesch
(781) 687-2515

Scope: Removal of 4- 50,000 gallon underground storage tanks at the Bedford VA Medical Facility

Details: Douglas P. Fleming LLC was contracted to install a new temporary tank. We will clean and remove 4- 50,000 gallon oil tanks. We will test the soil for contamination and remove if any. All tanks oils feeds will be removed from all of the tanks. We will reinstall new fuel lines and dispenser lines and install a new monitoring system and electrical dispenser lines and all conduit lines form all tanks. Re-pipe and alarm 2-25,000 gallon gas tank and 1-5,000 gallon diesel tank. We will replace 1- 12,000 gallon and 5- 2,000 gallon spill containment buckets and we will also replace spill containment manholes for 1- 12,000 gallon tank. The tank cradles will be back filled and blacktop as soon as available. Two 2,000 gallon tanks at Building 40 and 41 will be removed, the soil will be tested for contamination, back fill, loam and seed area.