Irrigation System Repairs

Irrigation System Repairs
2040 Wellwood Ave, Farmingdale, NY 11735
Department of Veterans Affairs
Evenel Jean-Jacques

Project Completed Date: 2013-03-20

Description: Douglas P Fleming. LLCs personnel replaced twenty 3” gate valves and seven 12” gate valves and associated section of a 4″ water main.

The twenty 3”gate valves serve as isolation valves for connection boxes that provide water for the irrigation cannons that irrigate the cemetery. Fourteen of these gates valves have been used to irrigate sections of the cemetery that are under renovation as part of a Millennium Project that includes replacement of the turf. All of the valves have failed to close after being opened which is causing leaks in these sections. Six more valves will be used to activate connections boxes during the next phase of the current Millennium project.

During attempted repairs of a recent water break in one of the branches of the irrigation system one of the 12” isolation valves wa s used to isolate the section,. The valve was to be opened during investigation of the leak in the 4″ branch but has failed in the closed position. This section of the irrigation supply remains isolated. The other six 12” valves have either failed open or are of questionable reliability. These valves will be required to isolate the sections of the cemetery irrigation water supply in order to replace the noted twenty 3” gate valves.

The irrigation system supplies water throughout the entire 275 acres of the cemetery grounds. This water is vital for maintaining the turf I accordance with the cemeteries required standards as a National Shrine.