Install Storm Water Overflow

Salem VA
Department of Veterans Affairs

Scope: Install a Storm Water Overflow Outfall for the Salem (VAMC) Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
Description: DPF-LLC will install a new reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm drainage overflow outfall for the VAMC Salem east courtyard, including connection to existing system, boring and jacking under existing exterior corridor, outfall control structure, lined channel connecting to existing established drainage way and any other required appurtenances. The work shall include provisions for minimization of disruption to patient care, traffic, pedestrian use, and medical center business, in general. The work shall include necessary investigative and survey work to accurately determine locations of existing underground utilities and appurtenances which could interfere with the installation, and make appropriate adjustments to the alignment to eliminate conflicts. Work shall also include required cutting of pavement and concrete sidewalks and curbs, tree-cutting, clearing and grubbing, excavation, and subsequent repair of all disturbed areas including restoration of all pavement, concrete, drainage, turf, and landscaped areas affected by the project work. Work shall also include application for and acquisition of all required storm water and erosion & sediment control permits and full compliance with such permit requirements in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.