Facility Repairs at the White Mountains

White Mountains Administrative Complex
71 White Mountain Drive
Campton, NH 03223
US Forest Services
Melissa A. Johnson

Project Completed Date: 2015-01-15

Details: DPF, LLC will furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary for the replacement of the existing metal roof by removing approximately 6 squares of existing metal roofing. Install original designed roof pitch with new rafters, roof decking and weather shield. DPF will install Warm Zone’s Roof Heat Step roof deicing system to this entire area with an automatic controller & power circuit. We will also Install the new standing seam metal roof along with a new electrical circuit, breakers, and conduit to power the roof heating system.

For the Warehouse phase DPF’s personnel will cut the existing apron by entry door and retain 3″ 9′ x 8’5″ section where door canopy columns attach to remain in place. Cut and retain canopy support pad in front of double doors. DPF will also cut as close as possible to building side the entire length, and remove the existing concrete apron from the foundation to the pavement line. We will excavate and install sloped drain pipes with riser drains through the new apron in front of each garage door and tie into the existing site drain system, to the west of warehouse corner. Install snow melt system and snow sensor along with installing wire mesh steel reinforcement and pin to the building foundation and pin to retained pad for canopy columns and pour new concrete apron. DPF will finish up this phase by installing an electrical circuit, breakers, and conduit to power the Warm Zone pavement heating system.

The final phase will be the Boiler House Catwalk. DPF will install a vertical ladder to access top of pellet storage bin inside the boiler house for 2nd stage auger screw access. We will install a railing around the perimeter of the pellet storage bin and also install a 6′ x 6′ catwalk from overhead purlins and structural vertical beams that accesses 1st stage of auger screw gearbox. We will also install a vertical ladder to access the catwalk.