2D Halls & Walls

VA Medical Center, 50 Irving St, NW, Washington DC
Department of Veterans Affairs
Mary Case

Scope: Paint and patch Halls and Walls in Building 2D

Details: The project work includes but is not limited to demolition, acoustical ceilings, painting, patching and replacement of electrical light fixtures in Building 2D.

Scope of work includes:
Replace damaged 2’x2′ acoustical ceiling tiles
Replace bumper guards/corner guards in patient corridors in 2D (Approx 400’x40′)
Remove all wall covering in patient corridors, patch and paint patient corridors
Remove wall covering in main corridor leading to 2D wing, patch and paint
Replace floor tiles in patient corridors and the main corridor leading to 2D wing
Remove 2’x2′ lighting and replace with 2’x2′ Recessed Direct/Indirect Fluorescent fixture, electrical ballast for 2 ballasts (double switching) Lithonia Lighting
Remove wall covering in patient rooms, patch and paint patient rooms
Replace floor tiles in patient rooms in 2D wing with wood look flooring
Redesign nurse’s work station
Rebuild nurse’s work station